More G.Wave Invites

Just today I’ve received another 17 invites from Google for G.wave. I still have 10 reminding though would like to keep about 2 – 3 for in case some of my friends would like to try it.

Not all of G.wave’s functionalities are implemented and it’s still very much in stage 2 of Alpha build, though some say it’s beta already. As is, it can only respond to and send email to those contacts only within g.wave. Not that versatile atm. But it’s full functionalities is something to look forward to.

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Diablo 2.5 + Gyromancer

Gyromancer: A new game by Popcap Games and Square Enix for the PC available on Steam. Pretty ok priced too. Got it after trying out the beta. What it is essentially is RPG + Puzzle gaming, specifically Bejewelled. The combat system is very unique, almost like a throwback to Puzzle Fighter. Graphics wise… not that into it. It’s Korean art, and non-animated, so it does give the Visual Novel feel with the puzzle game thrown into it. Plot wise, if you can call that weak-boned thing a story, then perhaps there is a plot. The story is a shambling thing hashed together desperately just to give the game some semblance of a motive and background. Disregarding that, I am quite hooked to it. Perhaps because I love puzzle games.

The thing that is interesting is the battle system. You play Rivel, a summoner of beasts, who can expand his menagerie of creatures by obtaining glyphs called Gyro-codes. Each beast is attuned to a certain element, and there are quite a number of them. Each beast’s power also does stuff to the puzzle board, some creating obstacles – even your own creatures, and others destroy these obstacles. All beasts have at least 3 incarnations, all obtained through Gyro-codes, so there are quite a number of them to get.

Maps are pretty big, and the monsters are shown on the maps, so there is no random fights. There is also an achievement system that I’m sure if Cheuk ever gets into this game, you would be trying to complete every single one of them.

Overall, it is an entertaining way to play Bejewelled – insert difficult too. Despite the story – or lackthereof – I find doing the puzzles with a goal in mind – defeating a creature – to be rather refreshing and not so idly rotating gems. Hehe.

Torchlight: Aka, Diablo 2.5.  Of the two new games I got through Steam, this is the other one. I don’t know if it is to temporarily stand in the absence of the extremely late Diablo 3 or what, but well, here’s Torchlight, a game by the guys who did Diablo and Hellgate: London. All I have to say is that this game is exactly Diablo + Diablo 2. The user UI, layout, storage system, item classification, saving – Save and Quit, is exactly the same as in D1 and D2. Hell, even the music is exactly the same. That said, it is still entertaining in some aspect. The demo did wet my appetite, and I was quite impressed with the demo, for it was not just the normal kind of demo ‘This is the end of the demo’ 15 minutes into the game, but it really went well into the game. Graphics and spell effects are flashy, unlike that in the D series, which fits very well with the cartoonish style that game adopted. One aspect of the game I do like is the pet. The pet, while doubling up as a partner in fights, also plays the role of a courier, selling your junk items and allow you to continue adventuring.

Story, like Gyromancer, is barely holding water. A mine that is on top of a necropolis that is on top of a sunken ruin that is on top of a primal place that is on top of a dwarven fortress. One is made to think that Torchlight is on the summit of a mountain and all you are doing is going through the mountain from top to bottom.

Otherwise, it’s Diablo, and I have to say, I do like it. :)

The last is Heroes of Newerth (HON), DoTA having evolved into a single entity by itself. Nuff said? I think so. It’s just upgraded graphics from the good o’ DoTA. They didn’t even bother to change the character designs and the design of other stuff.


Day @ Edithvale

It’s been ages since I last dipped into the sea willingly. I have to emphasize the willingness here as I can’t count the number of times yours tilt has been dumped into the sea. The other times at the sea had been merely strolling along the waves.

A casual call to a frien to invite him to swimming, I found myself on the road to Edithvalr beach. It was a beautiful day, warm sunlight shining and a soft breeZe was blowing. It was indeed a great day to go swimming.

He and his fiancée were there with a bunch of church friends, but when I got there, that bunch had left already. And my friend was just lounging around in the beach tent they brought along. They didn’t even swim apparently so my friend was waiting for me. I guess there are plenty of stuff to do at a beach. But that did strike me as a tad odd for they did go to the beach and it’s not like it was on the way to something else.

That said, we had a good time squatting on a sandbar and complaining about the chilly waters. Normally I would not go into the sea unless I knew there were facilities nearby. I absolutely detest the stickiness that coats you after the waters dried. But this time, I merely sat on my towel and drove 30 minutes home to shower.

Hmmm… Guess it wasn’t that bad then. And we could do more of it as the weathers warming up for a hot summer.

From my iPhone.

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Goggle Wave

Just sat through an hour and a half of Goggle’s keynote address about the Goggle Wave and I can’t say that I’m terribly excited about it. No doubt it is indeed a very powerful communications platform that works like an updated ICQ or even can be considered as the next gen of instamessengers coupled with Goggle reader.

But I’m a traditionalist. And a slow one at that. I’ve discovered that I usually am unable to appreciate something, be it a technology or a strategy until I’m faced with it or experienced it. If there is one lesson to be learnt from Magic: The Gathering for me, it’s this.

The iPhone also taught me this. Once I was a staunch opponent of owning such a device, not because everyone else had it and therefore I refuse to jump onto the bandwagon. I refused it on the simple premise that I didn’t need it. And truth be told, I didn’t. Until my old trusty Sony ericsson convulsed in it’s death throes and my friends persuaded me, an Apple guy, to renew my contract with a service provider here and get the new iPhone without increasing my bills.

And presently, I’m using it to the best of my ability. It holds my weather forecast app, the calendar, notes, safari, my iPod, M:TG related apps, toDos, phone, gmail, my Internet banking, Street directory with gps functionality, currency convertors, my phone and Internet quota checker etc. Before owning one, I was not aware of the power of it’s versatility. Now, I don’t think I can overstate it’s usefulness. And don’t think I’m just listing stuff because I felt like I needed too. Those are but the more commonly used apps for me on my iPhone. And now, I discovered I could blog from my phone. Through the email. Or through WordPress app. Email’s easier usually.

So similiarly with the g-wave. Whilst it does look interesting and in some ways, seems like a natural evolution or progression from technology that we have right now, the potential of it is something that I have yet to comprehend. Simply because it is made open source, that is that something that I am very keen to keep an eye out for. Not every genius is in Goggle, and even then, g-wave’s potential may not be fully realized. I am kinda excited about it; it makes me think of all the things I can do with it for D&D and M:TG, but that is but only one use for the wepp (web app) – as I am wont to call it now.

The page is:

goggle wave

Don’t have to sit through all hour and a half for it, but if you are interested in the future of gmail and web communications in general, do give it a go. Tell me what you think. The only drawback I can think of is how cluttered the inbox is going to be.

From my iPhone.

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All Hallow’s Eve

A bit of a culture shock last week.

After returning home from drivin my family to the airport and sending off some of my friends to Japan, I found myself lounging at home waiting for some other friends to come. Daylight was fast fading and in my little court, I could see a couple of homes eerily lit in preparation for the night.

Then my friends came. And the first thing they asked me: “you prepared for the trick or treaters?” I was kinda taken aback. Whilst I an fully aware it was Halloween, I had totally forgotten about the tradition. We didn’t have that in Sg.

So for the next 30 minutes, I was panicking around for snacks and treats. Then the night got on proper. But as the night wore on, the sounds of revelry, whilst still thick in the air in my court, did not visit my door. No trick or treaters come barking up my door – my doorbell is set to that of a dog barking, much to the amusement of my friends here. Then my friend smirked and called me lucky.

I, on the other hand, felt a little disappointed. I wanted to experience my first trick or treater, but oh well, there’s always another time.

Right got to pay for food now. At a Vietnamese joint that we frequent before heading off for some Tekken 6 and PES 10.

Oh and did I mention that I’ve been going to soccer matches for the last three years? Amazing to myself. Melbourne Victories!!! And the Socceroos!!!

From my iPhone.

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Nuff said?

I think so. :P


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Job Hunting Sucks…

Indeed. Period. Dot.

As reparation for that waste of… 3 seconds. Here’s Bump of Chicken – Glass Blues (28 years round)

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